Honeypots For Network Security CSE Seminar Report

Introduction to Honeypots For Network Security Seminar Topic:

             Honeypots, an exciting new technology allow us to turn the tables on the bad guys. There has been a growing demand and interest in the field of honeypot technology.

           A honeypot is used in the field of network security. It acts as bait for potential attackers; the honeypot in turn gathers as much data on the attacker as possible to help determine their identity. A major goal of this paper is to showcase the possibilities of honeypots and their use in a research and productive environment.

A honeypot is much better at discovering suspicious intruders than an intrusion detection system. Honeypots have a big advantage where they do not generate false traffic reports, so it is harder for intruders to detect the device.


             As global communication is increasing in importance every day, so are computer crimes. Counter measure have been developed to detect and prevent intrusions by analyzing known facts and attack patterns. Similar to the military where it is imperative to know your enemy and their strategies and tools, computer security experts also need to know what their intruders are doing, what tools they are using and where they are based. If one knows this information, counter strategies can become more efficient and optimized. And one of the main goals of Honeypot is to gather this data.

A honeypot is principally a device which gathers information to learn from it. Its primary purpose is to camouflage itself from the black hat community so that they can be caught red handed. The honeypot silently gathers information like, their attack patterns, programs used, as well as information about the black hat community itself. There are other ways in which a honeypot helps intrusion detection. A honeypot can detect intruders while they are performing an attack and gather information about them.

                Although honey pots are good at preventing intrusions, they are not a perfect solution for preventing computer crime. They are hard to maintain and administrators need good knowledge about operating systems and network security. In the correct hands, a honeypot wields immense power to root out crime from the black hat community, but in the wrong hands, it becomes an instrument which is leveraged by the black hat community to commit crimes.

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