Cryptography and Network Security Engineering Paper

Description: The research paper Cryptography and Network Security Engineering Paper talks about the importance of Cryptography in securing the information that flows through a network. This network could be ‘Internet’. Cryptography is the science of providing the data a secret code with an intention to secure it. It is understood that cryptography is no child play and involves experts that are well versed in tackling the issue.

Cryptography is usually based on authenticating user information. There are different keys mentioned in various research papers and specifically this one which suggest the securing of information using algorithm keys. The most popular keys are:

Single Key Cryptography: Wherein a single key is used for encryption and decryption.

Public Key Cryptography: Wherein two keys are used for encryption and decryption.

Hash keys: Uses mathematical expression to irreversibly encrypt some information.

Various trust models are also explained in the research paper. They are

  • The web of trust employed by Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) users, who hold their own set of trusted public keys.
  • Kerberos, a secret key distribution scheme using a trusted third party.
  • Certificates, which allow a set of trusted third parties to authenticate each other and, by implication, each other’s users.

The research paper also describes today’s latest encryption techniques. These techniques are currently in vogue for their effective implementation. These techniques have been thoroughly explained in the research paper.

  1. Message Direct Algorithms
  2. Secure Hash Algorithms

Many different threats to a Network have been identified and lucidly analyzed in the paper. The paper mentions backdoor threats, SMTP Session hijacking, denial of service, email bombs and many more.

Conclusion:  The research paper has identified various techniques that help secure the information/data passing through a network community. The latest cryptographic techniques too have been mentioned in the paper. Various threats have been identified and effective solutions have been suggested for providing Network Security.

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