Term Paper Report on Network Security

Introduction to Term Paper Topic on Network Security:

The invention of computer in 20th century has now become part of our life. When these computer systems are joined resulted in local network. The great invention internet has benefited human beings in every field but at the same time we do have adverse effects getting connected to internet and providing credentials like username and password can be hacked by crackers or hackers. The only answer for this is providing network security. 

In order to understand the principles of network security we need to have basic knowledge on computer networks. And then we have an overview of different networking protocols, the threats that are faced by managers and administrators of computer networks and tools that are used to reduce the risks of networks. 

A network is defined as interconnection of systems and we are not concerned how they are connected. The international standards organization open system interconnect model defines networking as stack of seven layers. Where upper layers of model represent for implementation of network services like encryption and connection management whereas lower layers implement routing, addressing and flow control.

Some of the popular networks includes internet –which is world’s largest network of networks, Arpanet is precursor to internet and is defined as packet switching network. Whereas router is defined as a computer that handles the connection between two or more networks.  Routers will route the packets to destination and decide the route to send the packets.

Firewall is defined as group of components that form a barrier in between two networks. In other words firewall refers to hardware or software or combination of both that filters all the incoming messages. Security can be achieved only with everyone’s cooperation by using practices and policies through which it is achieved.

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