Network Security and Cryptography Paper Presentation

Introduction to Network Security and Cryptography Paper Presentation:

In the olden days computer networks were used for sending emails and for sharing the printers so there was no issue of security but now a days people who are using internet as sharing tool hacking the financial products like credit cards, debit cards by hacking the pin numbers and passwords and are misusing the accounts.

To ensure security we perform some of the activities like encoding the messages and send via network along with the key to decode the message and Cryptography is an art of encoding messages such that it can be understood by sender and receiver only.

Cryptography is responsible for performing mathematical operations more than a human being can do in their lifetime. The three types of crystallographic schemes are secret key cryptography, public key cryptography and hash functions.

A network is defined as interconnection of systems and we are not concerned how they are connected. The international standards organization open system interconnect model defines networking as stack of seven layers. Where upper layers of model represent for implementation of network services like encryption and connection management whereas lower layers implement routing, addressing and flow control. 

Security attacks can be either passive attacks or active attacks. It is also important regarding the selection of algorithms and also simple applications are not secure always. Security in communication over insecure channels is the main objective of this paper. Thus a study of cryptography and network security is given.

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