Image Processing Seminar Topic

       Image-processing-seminar-Topic.  Image processing seminar topic explains about extracting data from images present in real world. This paper contains components of ip system, possible representation of images, image processing, smoothing special filters and sample java code. Image processing main idea to analyze information in images in all areas of real world. Information is extracted from real world images. Image processing differs from computer graphics, in computer graphics two dimensional and three dimensional images are used where are in real world it is not possible.

          Image processing procedure is used for finding out color and position of real world images. At present mat lab and java like software’s are used for image processing. Using this software’s image filtering, image improvement and image threshold operations are performed.

          Position and color determination of a set of regular objects using image processing technique. Tools like matlab, java etc used.    Techniques like image acquisition, filtering, enhancement, threshold and edge determination performed

          Image processing is mostly using in applications like computer vision, face detection, remote sensing, medical imaging, microscope image processing, lane departure warning system, mathematical morphology.

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