Wi-Fi the Wireless Wings Seminar Report

Introduction to Wi-Fi the Wireless Wings Seminar Topic:

Wi-Fi stands for wireless fidelity. It is a wireless network used for the internet. It is also called as 802.11. They are used in many places for communication. It is the private network. They are secure and best for the limited place. They are available in the many standards like IEEE 802.11b. It is very slow and less expensive. It operated on 2.4 GHz. It transmits the data at the speed of 11 Megabits per second. IEEE 802.11a is based on the frequency of 5GHz and they transmit the data at the speed of 54 Megabits. They used OFDM for coding. It is the efficient technique used for dividing the radio signals. IEEE 802.11n is the latest. They can transmit the data at the speed of 54 Megabits per second.

Wi-Fi used radio signals for connection, there connection are two way, work in both the direction.It used OFDM technique that is used for the high speed applications. It divides the radio signal in parts, so that the required bit is achieved. 

To make Wi-Fi connection hot spots are created in different regions so as to cover the area needed for the network. They are both free and paid hot spots. Various hot spots are created across the campus to cover the whole area. Anyone can use Wi-Fi using either laptop or phone. Different cards are used according to the requirement. They are used in the laptop or mobile to receive the radio signals. These are pre-installed in the hardware. Or you can use USB port device external adapter.

These are the low cost wireless networks. Their products are easily available in the market. They also have the feature of roaming. They are secured as we require key to connect and this key is transferred in the encrypted form and received in the encrypted form.

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