4G Wireless Technology Seminar Report

4G wireless technology seminar Report Consists of these topics

  • Introduction
  • vision of 4G
  • key 4G technologies

4G is the new upcoming technology which helps us to stay connected to the world through internet. It is the most intelligent technology. This document provides us in details explanation about this technology.

Why 4G:

4G is the abbreviation of the fourth generation of wireless telecommunication technology. It offers the best data rate for transfer and supports video conferencing and video calling. It offers larger area coverage.

History of 4G wireless Technology:

The evolution of wireless network began from the first generation of this technology. it was been invented in the year 1970. It offered only analog data transfer. The second generation was invented in the year 1980’s. it offered a good data rate transfer than that of 1G. it offered digital data transfer. Used core technologies like TDMA and GSM.

Then in the year 1990’s 3G was invented to overcome the incompatibilities of earlier versions. This version of wireless system became popular throughout the world as it offered digital data transfer and many more facilities and a high data transfer speed than that of earlier version. And then it was time to invent something which would meet the increasing demands of internet users.

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  Technologies used in 4G:

a.)    OFDM

OFDM stands for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing. It helps in improving the physical layer performance. Offer cross layer optimization and provides flexibility in resource allocation.

b.)    SDR

SDR stands for software defined radio. It provides flexibility in multi base band stations data transfer.

c.)    MIMO

MIMO stands for multiple inputs and multiple outputs. It allows ease in multi path data transfer.

d.)    Handover and mobility

As there is evolution in communication standards the most important factor to consider is Quality of Service. It consists of factor to be considered like cost of communication, delay, and data rate.

Applications of 4G Technology:

Fourth generation technology can be used in geographical information system and global positioning system. More filed where it can be used are tele medicine and education, crisis management, and multimedia service.

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