Wearable Computers Seminar Abstract and Report

Introduction to Wearable Computers Seminar Topic:

As the technology is increasing the computing device is becoming small and small day by day.Now days the portable computer and the wearable computer have been introduced and they are mounted with the sensors that notice each and every motion of the body.

The concept for the wearable computer came into notice in 1979 and the computer was developed in 1980 that was mounted on the eyes like an eyeglass. With development in the wireless technology the wearable computer has increased a lot.There are various type of wearable computer has been developed these days and they are:-

NOMAD which is the audio computer only and repose to the audio. The mail and the traffic signal are controlled by the use of the voice signal. In this the message are broadcast at low range. In this browsing is done in a sequence form. It also determines the position of there user with the help of position sensor.

DyPERS: -this device provides both visual and audio to the user. As the technology is increases the use of this technology is also increases. The devices like it are PDA that means personal digital assistant which is used for the transfer of the information.

Wearable cinema: -They are mostly used in the museum where small documentary is prepared and shown to the visitors with the help of eyeglasses. It has the main characteristic that it uses the real computer vision.

Affective computers: -This is the computer that is equipped with sensors.This also includes the motion sensing of the user.This is similar to the medical wearable.

Fast performance support system: -this is voice activated computer device. This can be used to get the information of the site by the user.

Computer clothing: – This is type of computer that is designed in the cloths of the user.

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