Wireless LAN Seminar Report

Introduction to Wireless LAN Seminar Topic:

The technology of wireless local area network connection will revolutionize the transfer of data in specified area. With fully developed wireless LAN a user can hop around in a building but still be well connected to his data. Wireless LAN transmits and receives data through the medium of electromagnetic waves.

In the field of manufacturing stations, health care, logistics and researchers wireless LAN will enhance their work to great extent.

The configuration of wireless LAN is very simple where a set of PC’s are connected suing wireless adapters. When any two adapters are in the range of other automatically a network is enabled between them for transfer of data without any configuration.

Till date IEEE 802.11 standard is taken as the highest standard in wireless LANs.  Few technologies such as Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS), Direct Sequencing Spread Spectrum (DSSS), and Infrared technology supports the above standard wireless LAN.

Access points in the server are the points from which wireless LAN users access the data. Hence access point acts as a bridge between Wireless LAN and Ethernet LAN.  Space is the media between user and access point.

In all techniques we use a transmitter and receiver which are necessary to handle the data transfer between user and server.

Wireless LAN has the advantages of roaming but only to a limited area. Speed of wireless LAN is slow compared to LAN. Cost wise both LAN and wireless LAN are almost same. Wireless LAN offers greater flexibility. The security of wireless LAN and LAN are almost same.

Wireless LAN can have one to one operation, one to many Operation and many to many operation

Presently wireless LAN is not used by the many people, but in near future it is sure that this Wireless LAN will have a greater role to play in communication field.

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