Wi-Fi Technology Seminar Topic

Wi-Fi technology means wireless fidelity which is a wireless technology that is used for the internet. It works on the radio frequency that it used a computer for browsing the internet to connect to the other computer with the help of the internet.

WI-FI technology can be shared by many users for browsing the internet and for sharing the documents or projects. In this, it is very easy to connect to the internet. Wi-Fi network is the wireless internet connection nut it acts just like the wired internet connection. It also provides the easy connection to the internet to the user while traveling from one place to another.

This technology is very easy to setup. Wi-Fi is the technology through any device can be connected which the service of Wi-Fi has enabled like laptops, mobile phones with Wi-Fi etc. There are few issues when comes to data sharing through WI-Fi like data need to be protected from web spam so WI-FI defenders are used in the network.

For a detailed explanation on wi-fi technology sample view, hot spots, types of wi-fi users and standards and features are explained in wi-fi technology PPT Presentation.

WI-FI Technology Issues and Solution:

In today’s generation WI-FI technology has become very complex, more capable and more confusing. With its growth, the new issues have been arises that are the security, roaming and the quality of the services.

Types of connections in WI-FI Technology

It has two type of the connection one of them is 802.11a which provides the speed of 54Mbps and was developed in 2001 and another is 802.11b which was developed in 1999 and called Ethernet service that can be used for the home purpose. Another is 802.11g which is the group of the 802.11a and 802.11b and provide very high speed that is 2.4GHz which means 22Mbps.

About Components in WI-FI Technology:

There are many components required in the wireless technology which will operate the frequency band of the signal such as station which is the network node for the wireless device and it is used for the communication. Another is access point which is a bridge between different nodes of the networks.

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