Web Technologies with New Trends Seminar Report

In previous days, the web technology used for creating web pages is HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), but today, the advanced and efficient Web technologies are XML (eXtensive Markup Language), DOTNET and ASP.NET.

HTML is a part of a powerful mark-up language called SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language). With power of SGML, the W3 Consortium has developed eXtensive Markup Language or XML that can be used to create your mark-up languages.

DOTNET is a new environment for running and developing software applications, featuring ease of development of web-based services, inter-language and inter-machine interoperability, and rich standard run-time services available to components written in a variety of programming languages. ASP (Active Server Pages) pages used the scripting engines on the server to interpret and execute the code.                   

A Web browser is a software application which is designed to find hypertext documents on the Web and then open the documents on the user’s computer. It displays a Web page as specified by HTML. HTML is a language of Internet. With this language, you can create a Web site. The important objective of HTML is to create Web pages and can be viewed by people over the world.

XML is a language which is defined by the World Wide Web Consortium which sets the standards for the Web. XML supersedes other markup language like Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). The elements used in HTML are predefined. XML is a meta markup language which lets to create our own markup language.

Web Technologies with New Trends Seminar Report Conclusion:

For software developer’s, .NET is used to create advanced services for the Internet. These services are present to access and leverage information locally or remotely to work with any device or language without rewriting code. It is used for unified browsing, editing, and authoring. .NET used e-com tools and power information management which is move between internal and internet-based services. .NET is used for integrated services.

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