Web Portal Seminar Topic

Web-Portal-Seminar-Topic.Web portal seminar topic explains about what is web portal, Modules description, data flow diagrams, deployment diagrams, architecture, web portals, hardware and software requirements, configuration and limitations.

Web portals are websites with information on interested topics developed by web developers. Web portals work on client server architecture, on client side web pages are displayed which can be accessed using url of website and on server side information of every webpage are stored.

Server side consist of web portal database, SSL enabled apache servers, web portal applications on client side web pages are developed using html,.Net or php. Every web portal is developed in three modules.

Admin module: Admin or owner of website will access to server side applications and client side applications. He will organize settings in server as per web site requirement and on client side he should maintain designing of web pages.

Global Users: Web site is visible of world wide web so international users can access web pages these users are called as global users.

Registered Users: Users who are interested in web sites can register with site or in some web portals registering is compulsory for viewing web pages.

download Web Portal Seminar Topic , paper presentation.

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