IP and web Spoofing Seminar Report

IP spoofing means to forge someone’s IP address. This technique is used by many organizations for authenticating purpose. In the world some of the IP address is unique but it can be easily spoofed.

As we know that in today’s generation the technology has increased so much. This increase in technology has also lead to the increase in the internet technology. Though the internet technology it is not secure and many attacks are carried out to get the personal information of any country or any person.

In this spoofing means to pretend something that you are not or we can say on the internet that it pretends to be another internet address that actually it is not. That information may credit card number of anyone or any personal information.

In web spoofing, the attacker creates the shadow of the original website or the World Wide Web. This shadow copy of the website allows the attacker to keep an eye on all the activities of the user or the victim. Through this the attacker also able to know the personal information of any person likes credit card number or bank account password or anything else. It can be said that the attacker controls all the activates of the victim on the web.

Working: – this work in a simple manner and the attacker sits in the middle of the victim and the web world. This is called the man in the middle. This may work by re-writing the URL by the attacker so that the user is turned to the attacker web page or the sever. Once the user or the victim have entered in the attacker sever the attacker may fetch all the information from the victim. By this technique, the victim will allow remaining in a trap by the attackers sever and will never able to come out of it.

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