Web Services Technical Document For Students

Web Services Technical Document For Students Using standard Internet protocols, a Web Service is programmable application logic accessible. Web Services combine the best methods of component based development and the Web. Web Services are accessed via ubiquitous Web protocols (ex: HTTP) using universally accepted data formats (ex: XML).

 Web Services is a powerful mechanism for integrating disparate IT systems and assets. They work with the help of ubiquitous technologies and are governed by adopted standards. Nowadays, enterprises use Web Services for point to point application integration, to securely connecting to business partners or customers and to reuse existing IT assets. Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) embed Web Services functionality in their software products for easy deployment.   

The Web Services architecture includes the best features of the service oriented architecture that combines with the Web. Web protocols are entirely platform, vendor, and language independent. Its architecture eliminates the usual constraints of DCOM, CORBA, or RMI. Web Services support Web based access, easy integration, and service reusability.

A Web service is a software interface which describes a collection of operations and can be accessed on the network through standardized XML messaging. It is a technology that allows applications to communicate with each other in a platform.

A Web Service has the characteristics such as, it is accessible over the Web, it provides an interface which can be called from another program, it is registered and located through a Web Service Registry, and it supports loosely coupled connections between systems.

Web Services Technical Document For Students Conclusion:

For using Web Services, Business and IT executives must begin to set goals, priorities, and plans to prepare for the pressure from customers and suppliers. Web Services communicate by passing messages to each other. Its interface adds a layer of abstraction to the environment which makes the connections flexible and adaptable. The Web Service supports universal communication. It has three roles service provider, service registry and service requestor.

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