Introduction to Web Technologies CSE Seminar Topic

Web application plays a vital role in the current customized world. In our daily life we are used to several web applications like Online banking, Online ticketing and so on. The main objective of this Introduction to Web Technologies CSE Seminar Topic is to provide a clear idea about a web application, how it works and the basic terminologies involved in a web application.  Apart from this the paper overviews the potential advantages of using Coldfusion (A web Designing Technology ) in constructing a web application.

Attached document contains the below table of contents:-

Web Application Abstract

Introduction to Web Applications

Web application terminology

Static and Dynamic Web Pages- In Brief

Processing a Static Web Page

Processing dynamic pages.

Static and Dynamic Web pages- A Comparison

Web server and web application server together- An Overview

Web Application Using Coldfusion- An Overview

Introducing Coldfusion

Why Coldfusion?

 Sample Web Application using Coldfusion

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