VOIP The Changing Telephone Strategy Final Year Seminar Report

Introduction to VOIP The Changing Telephone Strategy Final Year Seminar Topic:

Now a day the technology is growing at very fast rate. The companies and much big organization want to reduce the cost for the communication. So for this a technology is developed in which we can transfer the data and voice over one line.  But lead to heavy traffic on networks so VoIP technology was developed. This technology become so common because it is easily available for the public and its cost is very low. For this the network companies has faced many problems such as to maintain quality to transfer voice over data network.

Advantages: – There are many benefits for of this technology some them are:-

Less cost: -Earlier the cost for long distance was very high but after coming this technology the cost reduces a lot. So the use of bandwidth increases to transfer the voice.

Simplification: – It is very simple because of its infrastructure which has the capacity to tolerant the noise in the network.

Consolidation: – It also consolidates all the operations of the company and can also eliminate the break points in the network.

Application: – It is used for the connection of the internet to the PSTN technology using a PSTN gateway. BY using this technology the phones that we use daily in our communication can be used for data transfer. It also beneficial for the remote companies because by using this technology we can gain control over cooperate offices. This makes possible to call over internet by using cell phones. We can access to internet call center.

Quality: – The reducing cost of VoIP results in the bad quality of the VoIP because of the increase in bandwidth. The quality of the signal will be good if the data packets are successfully transfer from one point to the destination point successfully results in receipt for delivery.

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