Artificial Intelligence Final Seminar Topic

The research abstract Artificial Intelligence Final Seminar Topic focuses mainly on establishing the fact that ‘Intelligence’ is in the mind. The research abstract proposes a working hypothesis a Separability Hypothesis which posits that we can factor off an architecture for cognition from a more general architecture for mind, thus avoiding a number of philosophical objections that have been raised about the “Strong AI” hypothesis.

Challenges involved:

A major problem in the study of intelligence and cognition is the range of—often implicit—assumptions about what phenomena these terms are meant to cover. The research abstract raises some pertinent questions: Are we just talking about cognition as having and using knowledge, or are we also talking about other mental states such as emotions and subjective awareness? Are we talking about intelligence as an abstract set of capacities, or as a set of biological mechanisms and phenomena? These two questions set up two dimensions of discussion about intelligence.

Dimension 1: Is intelligence separable from other mental phenomena?

The research paper elucidates over Dimension 1 saying that – When people think of intelligence and cognition, they often think of an agent being in some knowledge state, that is, having thoughts, beliefs. They also think of the underlying process of cognition as something that changes knowledge states.

Dimension 2: Functional versus Biological

The second dimension in discussions about intelligence involves the extent to which we need to be tied to biology for understanding intelligence. Can intelligence be characterized abstractly as a functional capability which just happens to be realized more or less well by some biological organisms?


The research abstract marches forth by asking how far intelligence or cognition can be separated from mental phenomena in general. The abstract then suggests that the problem of architecture for cognition is not really well-posed, since, depending upon what aspects of the behavior of biological agents are included in the functional specification; there can be different constraints on the architecture. The research abstract reviews a number of issues and proposals relevant to cognitive architectures.

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