Technical Seminar on Cellular Telephone

Seminor-ON-Cellular-TelephoneCellular technology seminar topic explains about overview on cellular technology, how cellular network works, cellular identifiers, call flow description, modulation techniques, security features, cell phone design and advantages and disadvantages.

In recent years mobile technology had played important role in communication all over the world at the same time mobile manufacturing companies had developed new models to full fill user requirements. Mobile communication works on wireless networks. There are other devices like satellite phones and radio phones which work on wireless communication but they don’t belong to cellular technology.

Away from voice communication, usage of 2G and 3G services in mobiles devices are increasing so there are new technologies adding to telecommunication technology which will play important role in further development.

Working of telecommunication network.

Companies which provide telecom services are allocated with spectrum with different bandwidths. Companies should used allocated bandwidth for providing telecommunication services like voice communication, text messaging, value added services and more. For reuse of given bandwidths areas are divided into hexagonal cells and each cell base communication station which will communicate with mobile switching station. Mobile switching and base terminal stations contains hardware and software equipment which will handle entire call flow mechanism. 

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