Seminar Report on Virtual Retina

Introduction to  Virtual Retina Seminar Topic:

A person can be provided with virtual video streaming in front of his eye using the present technology of virtual retina. In virtual retina makes use of photon generation and manipulates to produce a high resolution colorful virtual image and is projected directly on retina of eye without any optics in between. Here the photon source is modulated with video information which is later scanned in a particular type of patterns and is projected on to user’s retina.

Here coherent or non-coherent type of photon generator can be used. Further if needed to scan a color virtual image one can use color light generator and directly project it on user’s retina. This system can also use depth accommodation cue to change the focus of photons rapidly depending on the user’s preference for different virtual pictures. For sensing of pupil of eye of user an eye tracking system is also used.

This pupil detection can be used to move the scanned photons in relation to the entrance pupil of eye. Further if there is movement in eye then the virtual picture should also move accordingly without any distortion in picture quality.

The (VRD) virtual retina display can also be called as (RSD) retinal scan display or retinal projector uses the technology to display the image directly on to retina.

The user can visualize the picture as if floating in front of his eye. With the use of LED’s and adaptive optics it is possible to create screen less display and fantastic color gamut and brightness which is far more better than conventional televisions. 

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