Virtual Reality Seminar Report

Introduction to Virtual Reality Seminar Topic:

It is the technology that displays the environment with the help of simulations that look real to the user.  User can have real environment experience by standing at the same place. For this we use special device that display stereographic displays. It also includes sounds though speakers or headphone. A device named HMD (head mounted display) that is wearied by the user on the head and then he can have experience. It displays the images to the user eyes and makes the scene such that it feels real to the user. User can walk and look around the places.

Another device is BOOM. In this a small house is created and closed from all the places. Only two holes are made for the user. User can look through the holes and feel the real world. One more device is called CAVE; in this stereo images are displayed on the walls and on the floors. More than one people can wear this device and walk in the CAVE and feel the real world.

In this system many input and output devices are used like gloves, joysticks, all are imbedded with lots of sensors.  These systems are widely used in the medical field. It is used for the diagnostic purpose.

They are used in the education systems. Every object is made in 3-D form so it make easy for the user to learn fast. All the games that are developed now days are based on the stereo graphics animations. Animations movies that are developed are 3-D are based on the virtual reality environment like Tron.

This technology has a new impact on the society. People are more involved in the virtual environment and they have created the influence on the human behavior. 

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