Seminar Report on Virtual Surgery

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Virtual Surgery:

Today the computing power is increasing day by day. We can see as the internet is growing day by day. This technology is also increasing in medical field such as advancement in tools and in surgery. This computer environment provides a virtual reality which is similar to the world. And this virtual reality is also used by doctors in doing virtual surgery. Through it doctors improve their surgery plans and practice their surgery on 3D model and if in it they found error, they can correct it before doing it on a real human.

Application: – There are many applications of virtual surgery. It can be useful in understanding complex 3D model and in doing training. Some of them are:-

Training and education: – Generally the training is done using textbook images and structures that are in 2D plane. This training can be done highly interactive be allowing them to see various layers of tissue using VR model.

Surgical planning: – Through VR model the surgeon can practice its surgery and calculate his parameter for his upcoming surgery. This reduces the error in the surgery and the surgery can be done in most reliable manner.

Image guidance: – It plays a vital role in virtual surgery. This helps in doing robotic surgery. This is advancement in 3D image processing.

Telesurgery: – This type of technique is used on human who are physically separated and it is based on master slave robot.

Virtual surgery simulation: – For this we to fallow various steps, they are 3D simulation in which we simulate the 3D image of the body. Second is touch simulation in which we use sensors for this.

The simulator of VR is nothing but it suns on the software and helps the user to interact user with virtual environment. Usually it works on force feedback.

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