How Firewall Works Engineering Seminar

Description: The research paper How Firewall Works Engineering Seminar comments on Firewalls and the benefits derived by installing them on the system or a networked community. These days there is both reason and need for security because systems are connected a centralized system, it is like data is flowing from a terminal via a networked medium into many nodes i.e. where authenticated users work from. There is also interconnectivity among systems by way of LAN (Local Area Network). Local companies are connected both to one another and with the regional and main branches via Wide Area Network (WAN).

How Firewall Works: Employees working over systems are connected to one another; they even have internet access via ISP i.e. the Internet Service Provider. When there is dense sharing of information and active communication there is every reason for security threats. There could be hackers that play foul with the information shared. There could be threat from emails and other sources in the forms of bugs, worms and Trojans. Having an intrusion protection fixed to a system may not be a viable solution. Consider a network with hundreds or even thousands of systems, running a mix of various versions of UNIX, plus Windows. When a security flaw is discovered, each potentially affected system must be upgraded to fix this flaw. The alternative, increasingly accepted, is the firewall. The firewall is inserted between the premises network and the Internet to establish a controlled link and to erect an outer security wall or perimeter.

Conclusion: The research paper concludes on a note that a firewall defines a single choke point that keeps unauthorized users out of the protected network. A firewall prohibits potentially vulnerable services from entering or leaving the network. A firewall provides a location for monitoring security related events, Audits and alarms can be implemented on the firewall system. A firewall is a convenient platform foe several internet functions that are not security related.

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