Ultra App Portal .Net project


This Ultra App Portal window is the main navigation area. Users can work and see the following:

1) Events module

Upcoming events
Get more details

2) Discussion module

View various Query
Connect and Reply

3) Links module

View various URL list
Connect to sites

4) Classifieds module

View various advertises list
Give new advertise
And also avail existing advertisements

5) News module

View various news

6) Administrator module

This is module from where we can do every task-related to this portal
The various options are shown at the bottom with images at the top


The Portal is with 3 default users and 4 security levels, as shown to the right.

Security Level 0:

All visitors who are not logged in have security level 0 with limited permissions, allowing them to view portal areas.

Security Level 1:

All users who register and log in to the portal are automatically assigned security level 1, can submit new content, although some of such content may require approval by an editor or administrator.

Security Level 2:

This security level can be assigned to users only by the administrator and is usually assigned to editors who may submit, review, approve, change and delete content

Security Level 3:

This is the highest security level, available only to portal owners/administrators and allows them to modify and delete users, configure portal settings, and send email notifications to users.

Events Module

All of the events in events list are downloaded from the database and displayed.

Here we can search for the specific event by providing its name in the Search Events Option
Select any of events from the list and click More button to get the further data regarding the event.

We can add new events to the list if we are allowed by administrator depending on the various security levels.

We can even register for a particular event and get details regarding it from the portal’s administrator or provider of the event.

Displays Events Details

From this page, we can see and also, register for the given events

If we are register in this event than on that specified date we will get reminder and also message

We can get the specific details regarding the project like the date, description, fees, address information URL address.

Link Module

This module gives information regarding the specific links related to given or selected category.

It provides the category name, its links details and general description regarding the links and its connected organization.

It also provides the physical address of the links organization.

If this project is online than we can get connected to the site.

If the project is implemented in the intranet or extranet than to we can get connected to the specified URL.

We also search for the given category’s links by specifying it in the search option

Adding Links

This screen shows how we can add new links provided we have enough permission to our login name.

We have to provide the link name, description, address, URL address(link) and select the category from the dropdown list box.

This added link will go to the administrator for the approval and then if he approves it, then only it will be displayed in the list.

Classified Module

This module is designed for the advertisement and depending on the security level we can give our advertising on the portal.

In case of extranet, we can specify the new quotation on the portal and also give our URL address from where others can check the details in case of query

We can also date of posting the new advertisement and category along with its amount

Adding New Advertisement

Here we are submitting our new advertisement this is also dependent on the level of the security given to our login name

Again this form requires the approval of the administrator. If he approves this then it will be shown in the list of classified items.
We can specify the context and location along with the title of the advertisement.
We can even give the date of validity for the advertisement.

Discussion Module

This module consists of forums in which a user can submit his query and different people sent they reply or answer for the same.

Thus this is the bench where anyone can post this query and get the solution.

Here forums are created by the administrator and he may assign it to any of the users for management purpose.

This shows a number of threads in a particular forum and date and time for the last activity.

We can add a new thread to any forum. These threads are nothing but query regarding any topic.
Others can give there view on it.

Viewing New Threads

Here we can get the information on the specific thread and also post our reply to the query.

This page shows the thread title, the name of the author who submitted and also received feedback on the topic from various users.
We can search for any query in the list by providing the name in the search box.
Any anonymous user can give his query and this won’t require the approval of the administrator.

Adding New Thread

This is a page where we can write and send our thread for getting the solution on any topic.
This will get a solution from any user which can be viewed later.

Here we have to give the topic name and our name and also our query in the form of a message in the message box.

After submitting the query we can view it in the list of threads in the current forum.

Replying The Query

This is the where we can reply to any selected query posted by other users.

We can give our name and reply to the query and post it.

This will be available to all the users in the discussion forum’s thread list.

Join Us

Here any new users can register to become member of the portal and
Then can receive the announcement made on portal

User has written his name, password, email id and other information which are mentioned on the registration form
Apart from above mention fields most of the rest are optional

If all details are filled properly then the username is created and the user can access portal through his account by typing his or her name and password in the login form.

He will be prompted with the welcome message otherwise an error message will be shown asking for the required data.

Administration menu

He is the main person who has a duty of managing the portals all duty though he can give rights to any user for doing some specific job pertaining to the portal .

He can change the article, update news, approve or disapprove events & links.
He can create new categories and forums. He can give approval to the new submitted advertisement and create new ad-category.

He can check delete update status of members and also do other managing works related to the portal.

He is overall in charge of the portal.

Article Administration

From here admin can add, delete or modify the existing document.

He has been given the option of changing the contents of the existing document.

News Administration

New news can be added or existing can be edited from here by admin.

Event Administration

From this part, admin can approve or disapprove the newly submitted events by various users.

He can even modify the events on request of the authorized person of the event.

This shows fields showing approval with ‘yes’ keyword and disapproval with ‘no’ keyword.

Editing Events

He can change the date of validation too from here.

He can search for particular events in the submitted event list.
He can view and even give information of the events to all register users for this event from here.

Members Administration

From here admin can members list and other details like his email id, name security level, member status and other details.

He can change the status of member depending on his own level, and also allow the security-related rights for the member.

He searches for a particular member to get his specific data.

Links and Category

From here admin can add a new category for links and along with that he can even delete and update existing category.

He can even change the URL of links and even title and comments or description of the link.

Thus he is overall in charge of portal’s management. Accordingly, this work should be assigned to very good and efficient person of the company as he can do malpractice with the data.

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