Online Web Portal .Net Project

Project Title: Online Web Portal

Category: Application Development, Enterprise. 

A number of trends in computational science and engineering have increased the need for effective communication systems. The communication systems are characterized by the article multiplicity and social community. The communication system consists of a number of articles and blogs interconnected by a network. The web communication system integrated here facilitates information sharing by posting a contextual article and publishing it at a web interface of the system. A blog may be created because the user does wants to have the required information on the web. The blogs may also be organized collectively if the expected turn around time will be better.

From a user point of view, the set of anonymous readers in a communication system acts like a single virtual system. Hence, when an Author posts an article for publication, it becomes the responsibility of an administrator of the communication system to collect the ratings of the readers to processes and to rate the processes to suitable articles of the system according to these ratings.

An Administrator organizes the processes in a communication system to make use of the system information in such a manner that Article usage, response time, blog creation, and comments over read are optimized variety of widely differing thoughts and solutions for communication processes of a Information system have been proposed. This communication process can be broadly classified into three types:

  1. Article posting in which each article submitted by an Author (Administrator) for publication is viewed as a collection of related topics and these topics are posted to web interface so as to provide information.
  2. Article rating in which all the ratings submitted by the readers are distributed among the articles of the system so as to emphasize the interest up on the article.
  3. Blog creation which simply attempts to create the topic of the system to blog post by assuring that no idea is idle while information wait for being communicated.
  4. Comment posting in which each comment submitted by a reader for communicating is viewed as a collection of related ideas and these ideas are shared to suitable reader so as to improve communication.

Of these communication processes, the information sharing has valuable applicability in practical situations because it works on the assumption that the readers of all the categories to be communicated are shared in views. Furthermore the creating blogs that fall in this system do interaction of the dynamically changing thoughts of the readers. Hence we are enabling the information sharing approach for better communication.

The web communication approach is considered, as an appropriate solution because of the overwhelm involved in gathering information to achieve the objective is normally very quick, especially in communication systems having a large number of readers.

Technology : Asp.Net, C#.Net, MS SqlServer,

Database Server: Microsoft SQL Server

Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio .Net

User Interface: Asp.Net with Ajax

Code Behind: VC#.Net

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