E – Commerce Portal ASP.Net Project


Electronic Commerce is the process of doing business through the Internet. A person can have the access to buy the products online by sitting in a chair in his home. With this system, we can reduce the physical work of the person i.e buying the goods online.
In this system, we need not work physically to buy the goods. Here the person can access all the types of information about quality, price, rating, discounts, and warranty.

Everyone can also check the review before purchasing a product. The person who wants to buy a product can visit two/or three websites to check the price, rating, and discounts. Here in this system we can update, delete and modify the information.

In the E-Commerce system, we have the feedback form about the products and also have a login page to get into the website. So, this system is very useful for everyone so that they can save their money and time by purchasing online.

Project Title: E-Commerce Portal ASP.Net Project

Project Technology: ASP.Net (Three Tyre Architecture), Ajax

Database  Server:  SQL Server 2005

Tools Required: .Net3.5, SqlServer Reporting, LINQ, Webservices.

Developer Roles: Database designing, Involved in coding, Javascript coding, SSRS.

Project Description:

E-Commerce Portal ASP.Net Project developed for final year computer science & Engineering branch students is mainly an e-commerce web portal involving four main modules 

1) Movies & Reviews module,

2) politics & gossips module,

3) Classifieds module,

4) Connections and Hot deals module.

This project can be used as a worldwide e-business portal where any personal & Professional Ad can be posted with almost easy ( free ads & paid ads). Here We can post a restricted number of free ads.

The developer was involved in coding with ASP.Net, database designing with SQL Server, maintenance & execution. Also worked on new design enhancements to the website. Coming to classifieds module Integrated PayPal and SMS interface was enabled.

In classifieds, any user can search and post the ads accordingly either location wise or category wise. First users want to post their ads they should register through the registration form.

Here We can have exclusively created hot deals & Connections module which gives detailed information about all types of electronics goods & computer hardware.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • ·Involved in Designing of the front end and back end applications using HTML, JavaScript, ASP.Net & SQL Server.
  • ·Developed Credit card, Debit Card And PayPal Integration.

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