Asset Management System .Net Project Report


This project aims at creating an Asset Management System, which can be used to maintenance, the machineries, shares, project assets, insurances. The Administrator of the system can create an Item for sale providing the item name, description, an image of the item, minimum bid prize and insurance etc.

Sequence Diagram


  • Administrator
  • Users


Name of the module-1: Administrator

Description: This module Administrator maintains the industry information.

Sub modules:

  • Project Asset.

Machinery Asset: Admin Add machine category and Add machines, machine name, machine description, cost, no of  items, machine insurances, Damaged Machinery information,  Display information of machineries.

Shares: This module contains Partner details, if partner involves in other business that business details partner business type, percentage and profit of in business displays, share percentage in Company, partner information.                      

Project assets:  This module consists Project details, required Configuration about projects, Profit details, Display   Project details.

Output Screen

Insurance: This module describes about Company details and Issuing of insurances.

Name of the module-2: USERS

Description: This module user only view the industry information.

Partner Information: User can view the partner information.

Machinery Information: Available information on machineries.

Project Details: Includes details of project like investments and profits. 

Insurance: Includes company details and insurance for goods.

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