Cooking Recipe Portal .Net Project


Cooking recipe portal is a project developed to provide details and way of cooking various recipes. This projects enables users to learn and cook various types of recipes. This application provides newest and most popular recipe details. Highest rated recopies can also be viewed in this application. Different types of communities , recipe articles and links are provided in this application. Users can also download the recipes details.

Existing System:

In the existing system all the information is stored manually in the books. Less security and lot of time needs to be spent to find information related to recipe. Not able to get the updated information. Less number of recipes are available.

Proposed System:

Proposed system is a automated system in which users can update and download information about the recipes. Various types of  varieties of recipes  are available. High security is provided. Date is stored in the database. Users can retrieve the information from anywhere and at any time.



Admin is capable of maintaining the information .Admin can edit or delete and view or delete comments of the users. Admin can add the users. Admin can post the details of various types of recipes collected from  the recipe manager.

Recipe Manager:

Recipe manager should enter his details in the registration form and get the username and password. Recipe manager can add the details of the new and most popular recipes. He can view the details of the users requested for  the recipe.


Users can get registered and get the username and password. Users can search the recipe depending on the categories. Users can post their favorite recipes, rate recipe and add comment. Users can  send the emails for suggestions regarding the recipe.


Our project cooking recipe has successful in providing different types of recipes to the users from anywhere and anytime.

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