Multi User Contact Management .Net Project Abstract, Full Report & Source Code


On a daily basis, everyone depends on a lot of contacts which cannot be remembered so easily as it’s tough to do so. Hence dependability increases on phones. What will be the situation if our phone is lost and we do not easily remember our contacts and other important stuff? Idea is to come up with an app which will be a partial remedy to the phone. So let us try an app which will allow saving info like LastName, Firstname, Middlename, Phone number, email id, upload pic etc.

It will be multi user application secured as personal data and saved contact details will not be accessible to other users. The other option will be like save notes which will allow user type down anything which can be kept as an info related to passwords or info related to business deals, or info related to id’s or ticket numbers etc.

This Multi-User Contact Manager application will also provide an option to create groups and add contacts in it group wise. The app will also have a feature to create App groups and add friends, like as its a multi-user application known friends can be added to app groups, if a user has created an app he or she will be the admin of the group and send a request to know users in the app. Once added to the group, users will be members of the group and they can post messages in the group like message option will be provided. Contact details of members of a group will be visible to all. No of members added to the group can be seen. No of posts in the group will be seen. Members can post pictures in picture option of a group which will be visible only to the group and its members. Member can also leave the group.

The Multi User Contact Manager app will also have the option to save reminders like birthdays or any marriage function date etc. It will also have the option to save timetable like save different timeframes for different activities.

The Multi User Contact Manager app will also have options to see events/groups added by Admin and it is accessible to all registered users. If a group is created by a registered user, it will first be approved and the user who has created a group can send add request to other registered users. Options will be there to log in and log out of the application.

This project will have the below logins:

  1. Admin
  2. User


Admin will monitor all groups and posts that are related to the app. Admin has to approve a group started by a registered user and then it can be allowed to send add requests. Admin will also post events or will start any group which will be visible to all registered users. Admin by default will also show all related social contacts and contacts of admins of related groups that are being worked out in the app.

Admin can also add pictures of an event and post related postings in the groups that have been created for all users. Admin can also set reminder dates for suppose events and shows notifications or messages in the dashboard so that all registered users can view the same. A common dashboard will be provided which will allow registered user to post any info. Admin will have access to all modules that are developed in this application.


Each user will have their profile wherein they can add their First name, Last name, Middle name, phone number, alternate phone number, landline, email id, educational details, professional details, upload pictures. A user can set reminders, save notes, create groups, create or publish events. Can share posts all registered users.

Functional Aspects:

Multi User Contact Manager project will have modules Contact Details, Professional details, Educational details, Notes, Reminders, Events, Groups, Dashboard


It will show info related to social contacts posted by Admin, user group admin contacts related to different groups, events published by admin or any user, posts that have been posted by admin or registered users. Reminders will also be shown on dashboard(set by admin only)

Contact details:

It will allow users to save their details First name, Last name, Middle name, phone number, alternate phone number, landline, email id. Add pictures too.

Professional details:

This module will provide options to save info like which company the user is working, experience, if the registered user is a student they will enter college or school he or she is attending.


This module will be used to enter notes related to the wany scenario. Like purchase a book tomorrow or prepare that chapter before the day of the exam or raised a complaint about phone not working and id is:- . This module will basically allow the user to save anything that needs to be followed up or mention some important points which one cannot remember easily.


This module will be used to add reminders which will save description related to the reminder that needs to be set, date and time frame info will be added. A reminder once created will be flashing on the dashboard which will be viewed by all registered users.


This module will be used to publish events like Sams’s Birthday party and initial approval request will be sent to admin. Upon confirmation add requests will be sent to all know registered users. The option will be provided to post views and add photos to a published event. NO option to reply on a published post in an event. The option will be provided to add a picture for the event. Small description info will be added. Event date info will be provided.


This module will be used to create groups. Contact numbers and related details of friends will be added. Detail added can be linked to a registered user too. Once a group is created and numbers are contacted are added, members who have been added to the group can post postings. Can add photos to the group. Each group will have an info related to a number of members of the group. A picture can also be added to the group as a group icon.

Future prospects: This Multi User Contact Manager project has a lot of scopes to make a live application. A few features that can be tried are listed below:

→ We can add notifications whenever posting is done in a group or event that has been created.
→ We can add SMS notifications to event reminders and email setups.
→ We can add group chat feature for members in a group and chat feature for members who are added or linked to an event.

Multiple user contact management is used to store the details of the users. User details are stored in the database. Then any number of users can store their details in the database.If we can interest to search the details of the user we can search the details by using this multiple user contact management.

In this database, they can store the userid, first name, last name, password,mobile1,mobile2, Email etc..,
In multiple user contact management, we can add the details of the user, edit the details of the user and delete the details of the users. In this first process is give the password to the login page and after entry to the home page.

By using this process we can store the details of the user and admin also. This is very useful to search the details of the user and admin also.

Requirements Specification:


● Generic Technology Keywords: Database, User Interface, Programming
● Specific Technology Keywords: Asp.Net 3.5, C#.Net, SqlServer-08 or above
● Project Keywords: Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing
● SDLC Keywords: Presentation, Business Object, Data Access Layer


● Operating System Server: Windows 8 or later
● Database Server: Microsoft SQL Server-2008 or higher
● Client: Microsoft Internet Explorer
● Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio .Net-2008 or more
● User Interface: Asp.Net with Ajax
● Code Behind: C#.Net or any other language supported by .Net


● Processor: Intel Pentium or More
● RAM: 1 GB Ram and above
● Hard Disk: PC with 20GB and above
● We can add any other Hardware according to our requirements.

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