Online Course Portal a ASP.Net C#.Net Project

The project “Online course portal a ASP.Net C#.Net Project” is designed for a campus/organization. This system provides access to registered users to browse through the site and join the course of their choice. Users can also access the course materials. Users can either register themselves as faculty or as a student. For both the type of users, the administrator has to approve of it. There is an approval page dedicated for it.Online-Course-Portal-a-ASP.Net-C#.Net-Project.

The course content of the web pages are designed in the html format and the files/folders will be uploaded in the zip format. There is a provision mechanism for the faculty members to create a test so that the students have cleared the test only can get admission to the course. All details such as duration of the test and format should be specified.

Online Course Portal ASP.Net Project Description:

The project online course portal as stated above is a web application and hence is created in XML based formats which finds new bits and places them on the web page in the reverse chronological order. The portal course is making use of RSS which stands for Rich site summary. This is a family of formats that are web based and is used for the purpose of publishing constantly updated works. These could be blogs, entries etc.

This project is a very useful web site for all the students and it is very easy for students to find a course of their choice by browsing through the list of available courses. Not only is it useful for students but also for the working employees. A discussion board is also enabled for the students and faculty to interact with each other and links will be provided to access course content.

Thus this project is very useful for providing a comprehensive list of the courses available. The site has the ability to keep track of the changes occurring on the web. It is also easy to use and access.

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