Three Dimensional Data Storage Seminars For Btech Students

Three Dimensional Data Storage Seminars For Btech Students: Tape storage is less susceptible to hacking and data theft problem. It is easily portable. It reduces overall costs for storage. Holographic storage is a breakthrough technology which stores data and information within its volume. It stores data either magnetically or optically. The Holographic storage uses the space with optical characteristics, which are similar to create 3D holograms. It uses laser, optics, images sensors and special crystals. The concept of fluorescent cards/disc (FMD/c) multi-layer is a breakthrough which solves the problems of signal degradation associated with technologies of CD and DVD.

It is recognized that two-dimensional carriers are not sufficient for future generations of memory devices. The research focused on methods to develop three-dimensional storage with the help of holographic technology and multi-layer storage technology. We know that data storage technology like CD/DVD and floppy are not having enough capacity to store large amount of data. They are called one dimensional devices or two-dimensional devices.

Floppy and CD are called one dimensional storage devices because they can read/write only on the one surface of the storage medium whereas the DVD is called the two dimensional device because it can read/write on the two layer in the storage medium. In the 3-D storage devices, the data storage can be done on more than two layers of single storage media.

There are two types of 3-D storage technology, Holographic Storage Technology and Multi-layer Storage Technology. Both technologies are presently in developing phase. With holographic storage technology, the speed of retrieving the data is in tens of microseconds when compared to a data access time of nearly 10 milliseconds offered by the fastest hard disk.


The future holographic storage drive will provide symmetrical infinite double sided disc or tape to read and writes with drive densities of 200terabits/ up. This will store much data than any other drive much faster and will add at least 1000 times the data storage.

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