Data Integrity Proofs In Cloud Storage Project

The main and objective of this Data Integrity Proofs in Cloud Storage is to minimize the storage overhead of the client and overhead of the cloud storage server. The main disadvantage of the previous system is data encryption and high resource utilization for completing the project.

By using present project we can reduce the storage cost, improving the security & keeping data in backup servers every time. In this scenario the user no need to store the data at his local server. The output webpage of this project contains Owner registration option where owner has to provide all his details to register.

Where secret key generator can send secret key to his mail address finally again it sends cryptography encryption key to his mail. To run this project we should have Microsoft visual studio 2010, SQL Server 2005 and Java Development Kit 1.6 for WAP.

Download Data Integrity Proofs In Cloud Storage Project total documentation, Base Paper, How to run video file.

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  1. Please provide me the Source code.
    Please send me ASAP..
    I am having my submissions soon and I have lost all my previous work.

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