Storage Devices Presentation

Introduction to Storage Devices Presentation:

In any types of the business there is a necessity of securing the data. Even the organization is small or large the significant data related to the organizations should always be protected in a secured way. There is even a need to secure the significant electronic documents in homes and for this reasons there are some security issues that will takes place while securing them.

In order to secure the confidential data there are many existing storage options which have came into existence to protect the data. The data can be secured in the hard drive or else the removable disks. Some of the storage options which are been widely used in the recent days are as follows with their vulnerabilities.

 The online storage (Cloud Storage)

The online storage of the data is considered as one of the best and secured option within the existing options. The different types of the protocols of the data security belongs to the world class protocols and the different types of the disused systems will protect and secure the data even if any fundamental device gets failed. The main vulnerability within the online data storage is that it should be operated with the devices or else the computer of the client. There is a necessity of following specific approaches in order to access the data within the online storage.

 The hard drive storage

 In most of the small scare businesses the significant data is being stored and secured within the hard drives and it will not even have the backup process if any network storage problems take place. If the hard drive in which the data is stored is affected by the virus then there will be the loss of data and many errors will also occur. For this reason the specific storage device should be considered to store the important data according to its significance.

The magnetic tapes

 In some situations it is much better to utilize the magnetic tapes for the purpose of the long term data storage. The magnetic tapes are considered to be the best storage devices because they will not have any types of the virus attacks similar to that of the hard drives. But the magnetic tapes are having some vulnerabilities such as they are being affected by the different types of physical damages. On the other hand they totally relay on the backup hardware as well as the software in order to access the data for the future enhancements.

 The network storage

 The network data storage is the type of set up which is considered from the hard drive storage. Within this type of devices the data is being stored up on the network devices or else on the servers. The devices and the servers will perform different types of tasks in order to secure themselves from the problems. The other problem is that if the user is not able to access the networks then he will not be able to access the data which is stored by him.

The removable media

 The USB devices, the flash drives, SD cards as well as the DBDs are the different types of the removable media devices which are capable of storing the different types of data. All these types of removable media devices are more vulnerable to the losses and the physical damages but they can be widely used for securing the temporary data.

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