Data Security Data Transmission Over Networks

Description: The research paper DATA SECURITY  Data Transmission Over Networks speaks about how securely data could be transmitted over a network. It raises some significant threats to data transmission while passing through untrusted medium. It also casts light on the recent developments and best techniques to encrypt a data in order to secure it. It also talks about the possible challenges and threats. The research paper casts light on the efficiency of ‘cryptography’ and the scope of the domain in future.
The research paper also talks about ‘Steganography’ which is gaining popularity as a very effective method of securing the data. In this application the end use identifies a picture that will act as carrier of data. The data file is compressed and sent along with the image. The data is embedded into the image. It could be one means of securing the data sent. This way steganography is not very different from cryptography. Steganography comes up with many interesting ways of hiding the information and securing it from the third party.
The research paper talks about cryptographic algorithms that have been in vogue lately. The Switch key algorithm uses just one key to encrypt and decrypt. The Public key algorithm uses two keys and the Hash mode uses mathematical expression to encrypt the data irreversibly.
Both cryptography and steganography are useful for data security. Both can work excellently when performed together. Steganography works perfectly within the following formats. .bmp, .doc, .gif, .jpeg etc. 


Both cryptographic and steganographic systems deal with securing the data in an effective way. Both the applications can prove very beneficial to the offices that operate through network systems.

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