Tool Command Language Seminar

Tool Command Language Seminar: TCL/TKs (Tool Command Language/Tool Kit) is a small, interpreted, language which is embedded. It can access graphics and system features and is extensible. It is a multiplatform and provides wide support.  It can be downloaded on the internet. It runs TCL scripts for backend processing. TCL is a language known as the Tool Command Language.  TK is a set of extensions or widgets to add graphic capability to TCL interpreter. It includes things such as radio buttons, check boxes, list boxes, entry boxes etc. TCL has a relationship to TK like VBs relationship to activex.

Initially, TCL was intended to be a reusable command language. The developers had been creating a number of interactive tools which require its own command language. TCL has been used as a scripting language. TCL is used with TK library, a set of procedures and commands which make easy to program GUI. The most useful feature of TCL is its extensibility. TCL is very easy to extend and these are available on the internet for free.

Scripting languages like PERL and TCL has a very different programming than system programming languages like C or JavaTM. They use typeless concept to achieve a higher level of programming and application development. To increases the computer speed and changes in the application, scripting languages are needed.

In short, scripting languages are designed for gluing, assumed to be a set of powerful components for connecting components together. System programming languages are helpful to manage complexity whereas scripting languages are typeless for connections between components. It provides rapid application development usages.


Scripting languages and system programming languages are complementary. Typically, these languages are used in component frameworks where components are created with system programming languages and glued together with scripting languages. TCL won two major awards, ACM Software System Award and USENIX Software Tools User Group (STUG) Award.

Download Tool Command Language CSE Computer Science Engineering B Tech/ BE Final Project Paper Presentation and Seminar PPT.

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