Data Warehousing and Data Mining

Description: The research paper Data Warehousing and Data Mining describes data warehousing and mining techniques. It has been suggested in the research paper that there has been increase in knowledge and information in colossal proportions ever since the advent of man on the earth. Knowledge and information thus produced and discovered have been helping the human race to evolve. Systematic archiving of information and data generated becomes important when one talks about Data base management. Data mining and warehousing techniques hold interesting solutions to database management systems.

What is mining and warehousing: Data mining helps archiving information in understandable formats. Data mining also helps in extracting hidden information from the ocean of information. It could be that data mining could discover information that is almost proves ‘gold’ to the organization. Hence the name. Applying data mining techniques companies could lay hands on exquisite information that gives them an edge over their competitors. This way data mining helps in making the procedures of the company extremely transparent, heightening the customer loyalty factor. Data mining has some wonderful solutions to offer the customer fraternity to uphold their integrity and interest. Thus mining helps the company grow in a lesser period of time.

Warehousing on the other hand helps analyzing the data and putting it in patterns as to analyze, evaluate, predict and forecast. Data warehousing helps the company’s evaluate their own strengths and weaknesses in the backdrop of their competitor’s. Data warehousing is constantly coming up with better performance tools such as the Semantic Web to gain both edge and security over the data management processes.

Conclusion: Both the techniques aim at presenting data and information in purest form so as to facilitate business development. Much has been achieved in the field of DBMS. Still much has to be achieved. The reason is that the knowledge, information and data are such things that increase form second to second and almost double in some years. Hence better techniques to cope with the information in colossal form ought be developed simultaneously.

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