The Socket Interface Seminar Topics For Students

The Socket Interface Seminar Topics For Students: There should be an interface between the protocol software and the application programs to use the network facilities. This document is on a model of an interface between TCP/IP protocols and application programs. A programmer should be familiar about the interfaces to use TCP/IP.

UNIX is input-output (I/O) primitives that follow a paradigm which is often referred to as open-read-write-close. Initially, UNIX programmers cast all I/O operations in the open-read-write-close paradigm. The devices used are keyboards, disks and files. Network protocols are more complex than conventional I/O devices so a group of network protocols is added to UNIX decided for the interaction between user processes and network protocols. This addition to UNIX enhanced the complexity of I/O interface substantially.

A Socket is referred as an end point for communication. The pair of processes communicating over a network processes a pair of sockets-one for each process. It is made up of an IP address which is concatenated with a port number. Sockets use client-server architecture in which client makes request to the server and the server accepts and processes it to complete the connection. The basis for network in UNIX lies on an abstraction which is nothing but a socket.


The interface between an application program and TCP/IP protocols lies on the operating system because TCP/IP protocol software resides in an operating system. To use TCP/IP, a socket must be created and bind addresses to it, accepts incoming connections, and communicates with the read or write operation.  The socket interface is very popular and is supported by many vendors. There is a Java socket class which implements time-of-day server. The client makes requests the time of day from the server. The server listens and after a connection is received, the server returns the time of the day to the client.

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