Technical Seminar on Search Engines

SEMINAR-ON-SEARCH-ENGINESSearch engine seminar topic explains about working of search engine, History of search engines, Approximating relevance and Types of search engines. Search engines are used for searching WebPages with accurate searched result in microseconds of time.

Before search engines were introduced finding required information on web was impossible, Google was the successful company to launch search engine which had made searching web pages in easy and accurate way.

 Protocol name and IP address or domain name are specified at first and second part of web address. Search engines are classified based on crawlers, spiders, human submissions and combination of two.

There are many search engines on web, based on the usage an d features users can use them.

Every search engine has many web pages stored on their database but search engines with large number of pages on web are not top search engines. Search engines which will provide accurate information based on requested keyword will be the top search engines.

download TECHNICAL SEMINAR ON SEARCH ENGINES , paper presentation.

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