Teleportation Seminar Topic

Teleportation-Seminar-Topic.Teleportation seminar topic explains about new way of communication system where objects information is scanned and details are sent to other end, at receiving end object is reconstructed based on received information. This seminar topic explains about introduction to teleportation technology, History of this technology, steps involved in teleportation, types of teleportation, human teleportation details and feature of this technology. 

This technology was a created by Hollywood fiction film makers which was later became a reality. IBM was the first company to research on teleportation technology, they had experimented by sending original objects scanned information which is replica to that object and on receiving end object is reconstructed using received information which is not the original object but replica of that object this experiment is conduction on atom by sending it on coaxial cable for a shorter distance which was successful. 

Teleportation machine is similar to fax machine but it can capture 3d and 2d images which are used to capture information of the object before transmitting them. After the success of teleportation experiment scientists are working of transmitting human teleportation. This paper presentation will explain details of other teleportation applications.

download Teleportation Seminar Topic , paper presentation.

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