Technical Seminar Topic On SWYPE

Technical-Seminar-Topic-On-SWYPESwype technical seminar explains about history of keyboard to present usage in mobile devices, details of existing system, Quetry keyboard, proposed system details and specifications.

SWYPE is a new method of keyboard on touch screens, SWYPE keyboard allows users to display words based on sliding from letter to letter, related words are displayed by using error correction algorithms and it uses language model to guess words. Tapping predictive text is also included in this system.

At present four million touch mobile phones all over the world use Swype keyboard which comes with same format as that of regular keyboard.

SWYPE software uses one megabyte memory for windows mobile devices it takes less than one megabyte space.

Swype consists of three major components that contribute to its accuracy and speed: an input path analyzer, word search engine with corresponding database, and a manufacturer customization interface.

SWYPE works in SYMBIAN, android, windows operating systems. In future swype will replace existing systems in the market; it can be used in any computing devices.

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