Technical Seminar on Wimax Technology

Technical-Seminar-on-Wimax-TechnologyWIMAX technology technical seminar topic explains about improvements in internet with wimax and how WIMAX is useful in present situation and how it works along with its features. As usage of internet is increasing in our day to day life but still there are areas where flexibility is not reached for accessing internet. This WIMAX technology is an upcoming technology which is implemented in some parts of the country and gaining lot of importance from users because of its flexibility. This technology is developed and approved by IEEE community. WIMAX uses wireless technology to provide point to multipoint communication.

WIMAX is gaining popularity because of its cost efficiency; data rates are same as that of regular DSL connections. This technology helps users to access internet even if they are in roaming by connection to ISP which is one of the best feature in WIMAX technology. In present situations internet usage is available in rural area because of its communication investment but WIMAX will solve this problem. 

In terms of data transfer rate WIMAX is at top compare to regular 2G, 3G services. Data rate is about 100 percent fast compare to present data rates. Presently Wi-Fi is playing important role in wireless communication by covering 300 feet distance but WIMAX can cover at a range of 30 miles distance. WIMAX comes with two applications one as fixed WIMAX which can be used in offices and homes as a point to multipoint communication and Mobile WIMAX which offers full mobility.

download Technical Seminar on Wimax Technology Btech Final Year Project Seminar.

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