Teachers Tracking system using Android APP

Nowadays there are many cases of teachers leaving school by signing in registers. Faking attendance is becoming common practice for teachers all over the country. Officials are not provided with a proper solution to solve this problem. This project explains an android application that is used to track the teachers working in schools and colleges. This application works on android mobile. The android application is based on GPS and SMS services in Android mobile.

The GPS service is used for tracking the exact location of the teacher. The GPS-based systems are used to track the location of teachers where GPS services are taken from google maps API. This application is divided into two modules admin and teacher, each module will have an android app with different features.

Admin can set location details for each teacher which are the location of school boundaries longitude and latitude values. When the teacher reaches that location admin will receive a notification on the android app. In this method, the admin can track each teacher’s position and improve efficiency in managing teachers in the govt education system. 

Project objective:

  • Developing an android application that can help govt education department to manage teachers in colleges and schools more effectively by tracking and getting notifications of each teacher when they leave school or college and improve education standards. 

Existing system:

  • Colleges and schools use attendance books as proof knowing if teachers are attending schools or colleges regularly based on this data employee’s salaries and other factors are calculated. But most of the teachers are manipulating attendance by signing records and leaving schools and colleges. 


  • Attendance books with signature data are only considered as proof for teachers which can be manipulated in various ways.
  • Employee tracking data is not managed in a database for further reference.
  • There is no proof for teachers tracking information.
  • Existing applications are developed for tracking family members or tracking children and finding the destination of the user based on longitude and latitude values. 

Proposed System:

  • In the proposed system, two applications are designed one for admin and one for teachers. Both of these modules will use Google GPS services from Google Maps. Live locations are always tracked in the teacher’s module where a notification system is available for admin. Admin sets locations for each teacher (school or college boundary locations) based on these values every time teachers’ longitude and latitude values are tracked and compared with existing values in the database. If longitude values are matched then the notification is sent to admin. 


  • Easy to track with proof of each teacher who is leaving school or college.
  • Teachers’ attendance can be increased.


  • Operating system:           Windows 7.
  • Coding Language:           JAVA
  • Tool:           Android Studio
  • Database:           SQLite 

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    can i get the whole source code of Teachers Tracking system using Android APP project so that it would be helpful for us.

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