Stock Management System Android App Synopsis


  • Stock Management System is software which is helpful for the businesses operate stores, where store owner keeps the records of purchase.
  • This project eliminates the paperwork, human faults, manual delay and speed up the process.
  • Stock Management System will have the ability to track overall worth and available stock.
  • This is simple, fast and intelligent Stock management that can be used by anyone who has a smartphone.


  • Manual calculation of stock present in any store is time-consuming and very risky.
  • The workers cannot maintain the store when there is no owner as they do not know the prices.


The proposed system is an Android application, it is better than existing system because of following reasons:

  • Easily accessible by anyone.
  • Overall worth of stock, products worth can be viewed by owner.
  • Prices of stock present in the store can be seen so that worker can also manage the stock without the presence of the owner.
  • It doesn’t require manpower, so it is not expensive.


This Stock Management System project will be a great help for the stores because it is a great difficult task that to manage stock and calculating the worth. He can also manage the stock by doing operations(add, remove) so that the person will be notified when to get the new stock into the store.


“Stock Management System” can be used in small stores for keeping track of stock easily and save the time.

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