Accounts Tracking System Android Project

Account tracking system android application is simple project which will have option to check balance and transactions of various bank accounts hold by user. User can add new accounts to the list with out any limit. Along with checking transaction details user can send money to any users who is listed in this account.

Project Over view:

At present mobile devices with android operation system are mostly used by users all over the world. With the mobile app features android users are increasing all over the world. Considering the importance of android apps bank account tracking system will be helpful for users who are holding different bank accounts.

In present system if we want to know balance of accounts we should log in the website or visit which is a time taking process. Using this application we can add as many accounts as possible to the list and search transactions, recent transactions, list accounts.

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  1. I am trying to import “Accounts Tracking System Android”project in ecplise but its showing
    “Unable to resolve target ‘android-8′”
    what type of error is this ?

  2. I need documents for account tracker system in android for my college submission so plz send in my email….

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