Android G -Search App


The project G-Search is a personal easy search option for mobile user. This Android based application provides Good User Interface to search options like contacts, messages etc. This Android G -Search application supports 2.3 version of android frame work.

Existing System

In the existing system there is no search bar in mobiles. If any user wants to search for any file in the mobile user need to go to the individual file system and search for the file which the user wants.

Proposed  System

We are going to create a mash up type of application which searches all the application (phone contacts, messages, video and audio files) which are in-built.

Software Requirements

  1. Java (JDK 1.6)
  2. Android SDK
  3. Eclipse Ganymede IDE
  4. Operating System Windows XP.


1. Contacts
In this module application will search the SIM contacts and phone contacts based on the search string .

2. Messages
In this module application will search the SMS received from various phone numbers along with date and time stamp.

3. Audios
In this module all the mobile audio files will be displayed based on the search string .

4. Videos
In this module all the mobile videos files will be displayed based on the string and we can play the songs.

5. Images/Pictures
In this module all the mobile images matched with search string will be shown as in the grid format.


As this is a Android G -Search mobile application one can easily search for required information. This makes this application efficient, convenient and easy to use along with providing maximum user satisfaction.

Future Work:

  • A dictionary can also be provided with this application for quick reference whenever needed while reading a book.
  • A Google map can also be provided in order to know the exact location of the book store.
  • E-book downloading can also be provided that can be an extension of this.

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