Summer Training Report On Commutator and Brush Failure

Summer Training Report On Commutator and Brush Failure: In the year 1965, the Electric loco shed, Kanpur established for homing 11 locomotives. This shed primarily meets the needs of passenger and goods traffic in Indian railways. Today, the shed expended to home 176 loco motives for passenger, hauling, and goods traffic. It carries out monthly inspection schedule viz. IA, IB, IC, I0 & ICO and also annual and intermediate overhauling schedules.

Basically, the electric locomotive works at 25 KV, 50Hz supply. This transformer is an auto transformer which regulates voltage to a rectifier block to convert from AC to DC. It is worth to mention that the effort is by DC traction motor and thus AC is converted into DC. The DC current is filtered to pure DC from rectifier block and fed to traction motor.

There are six traction motors that provide parallel attractive effort for hauling the train. All the operations are controlled by control circuit that works at 110 volt DC. Many power equipments while operation heats up to cool the same which is done by many blowers.

Electrical Locomotive has different equipments which are Pantograph, Main Transformer, Rectifier, Traction Motor, Auxiliary Circuit, ARNO Converter, Control Circuit, Battery, Chopper Control, Circuit Breaker, Transformer, and Transistor.

The installation steps are Disconnect the power, Remove all old brushes, Inspect the commutator, Check the inside holder cavity, Check the terminal connection, Brush holders should be secured, Measure spring forces, Remove the old film, Install new brushes, Apply the pressure spring, Pull up on the brush, Connect the terminals, Seat the brushes, Operate the machine, and The machine is ready for use.

The Causes of Commutation Failure are Streaking, Threading, Bar Edge Burning, Grooving, Slot Bar Marking, Photographing, and Copper Drag.


Locomotives that pull the trains from the front and common increasingly are push-pull operation that is controlled from a control cab at the other end of the train.

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