NS2 Training

NS2 (Network Simulator-2 Training) Course Content:

Basics: 1

Routing Protocols: 1

Type of Networks: 1

Wired Network: 1

Wireless Network: 2

Wireless Sensor Network: 2

Apply New Features: 2


  • NS2 Introduction
  • NS2 Architecture
  • NS2 Components
  • NS2 Installation
  • Installation of supporting software
  • Linux Basics
  • Exploring example scripts
  • TCL basic commands
  • OTCL Programming
  • Simulation Trace Analysis using Perl/Awk etc
  • Plotting graphs with XGraph

Routing Protocols:

  • Proactive protocols (DSDV, OLSR,..)
  • Reactive Protocols (AODV, DSR,…).
  • Hybrid Protocols (ZRP, etc…..).

Type of Networks:

Wired Network:

  • Deep explanation on wired networks
  • Designing of different topologies

Ex: Ring, Star, Dumbbell Topologies

Wireless Network:

  • Setting and configuration of Parameters for wireless networks
  • Designing different Wireless Topologies (MANET,VANET)
  • Trace file Analysis using PERL/AWK
  • Plotting graphs for simple Wireless Networks and Ad hoc Networks

Wireless Sensor Network:

  • Applications of Wireless Sensor Networks

Apply New Features:

  • Patching NS2 for unsupported features
  • Linkage between C++ and Otcl.
  • Perl/awk for trace files analysis

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