Wireless Energy Transmitter with Tariff System

The objective of this Wireless Energy Transmitter with Tariff System project is to wireless energy transmitter by microcontroller with tariff system. It is method of data transfer by wireless communication with the help of microcontroller. It is useful for the EB people for data transmission from the consumer place to EB without visiting to the consumer place. This system transmits the number of units consumed by the consumer as well as the amount has to pay for the month.

This project is designed based on the following blocks IR transmitter and receiver, Microcontroller, LCD display, Encoder, RF transmitter, RF receiver, Decoder, and PC. We can fix the corresponding data before IR transmitter and receiver can sense the number of rotation of energy meter with the help of keyboard and it transmits signal to circuit.

This circuit gives the output in the form of pulses to the Microcontroller and number of units is displayed that are consumed. When the particular time and data reached then microcontroller sends signal to the encoder. The encoded signal is then transmitted to RF transmitter and RF receiver receives the transmitted signal and gives to the decoder. The Decoded signal then transfers to PC. It is wireless communication.

The Internal Data memory has three blocks they are the lower 128 Bytes of Internal RAM, The Upper 128 Bytes of Internal RAM, and Special Function Register. Different addressing modes are direct addressing, indirect addressing, and indexed addressing.

Microcontrollers are used in sophisticated real time applications like Industrial Control, Instrumentation, Intelligent computer peripherals. They are also applied in industrial applications to control Motor, Robotics, Discrete and continuous process control, missile guidance and control, Telecommunication, Automobiles, etc.


The project is about wireless energy transmitter with the help of microcontroller and tariff system. It transfers the data by wireless communication using microcontroller. It is applied in various fields for communication.

Download Wireless Energy Transmitter with Tariff System Electrical and Electronics Project Report.

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