Summer Training Project Report on Real Time Clock (RTC)

The light energy from the sun is converted into electrical energy by a solar panel. The solar panel is fixed in a particular direction in ordinary solar panel systems and delivers maximum energy when it is towards the sun.

The aim of the Summer Training Project Report on Real Time Clock (RTC) is to control the solar panel according to the movement of the sun and it is accomplished on controlling the mechanical movement of solar panel by the stepper motor with the use of Microcontroller. The movement of sun from east to west has divided into segments with a fixed time frame for every segment using a Real Time Clock (RTC).

Renewable energy quickly gains importance as fossil fuel prices fluctuate. It is critical for engineering and technology students at the educational level with an understanding and appreciation of the technologies with respect to renewable energy.

One renewable energy source is solar energy. Various researches conducted to develop few methods to optimize the efficiency of Photo Voltaic systems (solar panels) and one method is a solar panel tracking system. Solar tracking generates more energy since the solar panel maintains a perpendicular to the sun’s rays.

It is estimated that tracking system is used over a fixed system to increase the power output by 30% – 60%. Design requirements are when the sun is up, the system should follow the sun’s position in the sky and it is done with an active control and must be totally automatic and simple to operate. The operator interference must be minimal and restricted when it is required.

 Summer Training Project Report on Real Time Clock (RTC) Conclusion:

This project is about a solar panel tracker which is developed to increase the amount of power generated using solar panel when the sun is in the sky. An 8051 microcontroller controls the movement of solar panel and solar panel energy is generated to charge a lead battery that acts as a supply to glow the lamp at night

Download Electrical and Electronics Engineering EEE Final Year Summer Training Project Report on Real Time Clock (RTC).

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