Industrial Training Report on Complaint Management System

Introduction to Complaint Management System Project:

There is a lot of problem but if e needs to know the total problem and its solution then we have to know about the existing system.

If we know this after that we can give a proposed system. So basis of three points we can prevent the problem.

  1. Existing System
  2. Needs of the System
  3. Proposal System

 1.      Existing System:

There is different kind of software which is used for access the data. This software is developed for a phone company by which the company stored the data for company purpose.

When this software is developed ever customer can handle this without facing any kind of problem. Company stored the full data main customer complaints by three steps.

In this paper it is described the technique of storing data.

Firstly, when a new client comes to the organization they stored the full personal details of the client. As for Example client name, address, code etc.

 Secondly, product ID, number, full details of the product is stored in the database. They stored each of the product specification.

Lastly, they take the customer complaints and give a CCR number that is Customer Complaints Number. Each CCR number describe the full complains of customer.

This type of storing data is easily handled by anyone very easily.

 Proposed System:

I designed a package by which we can store any type of data very easily. But in this system some effort is necessary.

Previously all the work is done by manually, for that reason this work become complex and very time consuming.

There is a chance of duplicity but using this packages no chance of duplicity because as it is computerized when a duplicate file data we will provide it shows some errors.

I have done this package with the GUI concept. And this will be very user friendly also.

Download  Industrial Training Report on Complaint Management System.

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