Managing ERP Implementation Failure Project Report

This Managing ERP Implementation Failure Project Report is about Managing ERP Implementation Failure. The content of the project consist of Motivation, Objective, and Conceptual Background with models, Phases in ERP Implementation.

The project start with Motivation details of Enterprise resource planning (ERP) including examples. This project has detailed description of two Phases in ERP implementation.

Information technology (IT) projects are capable to changes in the business surroundings, and the management of enterprise systems such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) facing challenging from the increasing speed of change in global business.

The system success depends on the validity of the project management processes. Scope creep, poor risk management, unequal allocation of human resources, and vendor management are some common problems associated with the execution of an enterprise system. These issues affect the success of ERP project.

This research examines how poor project management cans threats ERP system implementation. From the failure of first ERP implementation, the company decides to carry out its second ERP implementation successfully by re-engineered its project management practices.

This study diagnoses and describes critical elements of project management that gave to the success of the second ERP implementation. The organizations which are following second ERP, the determinations provide a guideline to follow to avoid making critical project management mistakes.

This project report also explains the comparison between phase I and II of ERP implementation describing Project management knowledge areas. Finally, the report provides the details of advantages and disadvantages of ERP.


As per the project report researchers may want to focus on just one particular project management area while expanding the number of case sites. For instance the process of risk management and comparing risk management practices at several firms within the same industry or even across different industries.

Overall, it is expected that this research provides a foundation upon which future research can be built, and project management and ERP should continue to be a fruitful area of research.

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